Cluster Manager
DescriptionThe South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster was established in March 2011 thus providing an organizational background to support coordinated action and implementation of development ideas, the determining engineering organization of the region. The Cluster that is authorized to use Accredited Innovation Cluster title, owner of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label is decisive organization is the biggest organization of this type in the region both in respect of revenues and size of the Cluster members. At present, the cluster consists of 29 members from the South West Hungarian region having the following major objectives: Business Development (market-based collaboration, strengthening the cluster internal market, joint procurement of energy, services and materials, dynamizing the innovative activity, developing common products) Training Development (developing vocational training and dual tertiary education in mechanical engineering) Representation of interest, marketing, networking (establishing common, powerful lobby activity, sectoral and cluster networking, establishment of professional collaborations, operating the platform for experience and information exchange).
Organization Type Cluster
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2011
Areas of Activities


  1. Metal-cutting machine tools
  2. Precision tools
  3. Metal forming machines and components
  4. Automation and motion
  5. Services, organizations, publishers
  6. Parts, components and accessories
  7. Other manufacturing technology and equipment

Offering products and services of SWHEC members

Seres Ltd., : Manufacture and recondition of superstructure of communal vehicles (solid waste collection bodies and lifters), hydraulic equipment and machine service.

Knipl Ltd.,: Planning, production and implementation of surface treatment plants, job shop, cataphoretic dip coating and electrostatic powder coating.

Strauss Metal Ltd.,: Automats, cash machines, armored safes, manufacture of mechanical safety products and devices, metal sheet working, component manufacturing.

Hidrot Ltd.,: Hidrot’s profile include the production of road maintenance machinery such as flailmowers, branch cutters and cleaning equipments, furthermore liquid spreaders, snow ploughs, asphalt recycling machines and floating workboats too.

Metallux Zrt.: Design, manufacture, repair and installation of galvanizing- (electroplating), surface treating- and waste water treating equipments.